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Skin Care Tips For the Four Main Skin Types

Skin care is something that you value but it can be challenging, especially with so many products to choose from, and so much advice and recommendations coming from all kinds of sources. It can be confusing, but in this article, we aim to keep things simple so you can easily map out a plan so your skin can be at its best no matter what its type may be.

Approach For Normal Skin Types

If you have a normal skin type your skin is not too dry or oily, few or no imperfections, not very sensitive, not many visual pores, and your complexion is in good shape. If your skin fits into this category then your skin care regimen only needs to consist of an average moisturizer, a balanced face serum, and a cleanser that is balanced. As long as your routine is consistent and the products you use are designed to not be overly drying or oil infusing, then your skin should do just fine.

Approach For Oily Skin Types

If you fit into the oily skin type your skin may have some blackheads or pimples, could be dull or shiny, contain enlarged pores, and be of the thicker variety. Vitamin C is a good place to start if you have oily skin to retain moisture and balance everything out – hyaluronic acid serum should be put on your to use list. You will want a cleanser that helps to dry out your skin a little bit but not overly, and you should cleanse one to three times a day depending on the time of year and how oily your skin is. Go with an all natural product that is chemical free, and look for the ingredient of peppermint oil to improve skin tone. It may take some experimentation early on, but once you find the right combination of products for your oily skin then stick with it and tweak your routine as needed.

Approach For Dry Skin Types

If your skin is of the dry composition then your pores are likely almost invisible, complexion is rough and dull, wrinkles and fine lines will be noticeable, red patches are possible, and overall your skin will have less elasticity than other skin types. Look for a face serum that has been adapted for dry skin so that your skin can retain as much moisture as possible. Use a rich moisturizer that has a time-release formula, and a daily cleanser that is very gentle on your skin so it doesn’t strip much oil or moisture away. When your skin starts to have a natural looking glow to it, then you know your new routine is starting to work wonders.

Approach For Combination Skin Types

This is a common skin type where some areas of the skin are dry and some are oily – typically on the T-zone within the regions of the nose, forehead, and chin. Pores can be larger than normal, and shininess is common as are blackheads. You need to be more area specific with your treatment plan to achieve successful results – use a lightweight moisturizer on your whole face, but for the dryer areas use richer moisturizer for those regions, and your cleanser should be more suited towards oily skin versus dryer skin. There may be some more trial and error to reach some consistency throughout your whole complexion but adapt and tweak your approach and product choices until you see the results you’re after.

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