What is the Best Derma Roller?

After being featured on popular TV shows such as The Doctors, Rachel Ray and the Jeremy Kyle show, the derma roller is quickly becoming one of the most effective household skincare treatments available. This has lead many new brands to enter the market. Many people wonder what the real difference is between the different brands and which one is the best. Here we analyze and discover what is the best dermaroller based on effectiveness, price and safety.

After intensive testing of each of the top 10 derma rollers available, we found that only 2 out of the 10 derma rollers showed visible results within our 2 month testing period. We were not able to see any visible results from the other derma rollers during that time.

The price of the derma rollers tested ranged from $25 to $150. The derma rollers at the lower end of the spectrum came from Asia, however, the lower prices also reflected lower quality, as many of the derma rollers received from Asia came with defects such as missing or bent needles.

As explained above, there were several derma rollers from Asia which had missing or bent needles. This creates a huge problem where there is a concern that the needles will bend or fall out during your treatments. We recommend only ordering from companies within North America because their safety standards are much safer.

To conclude, we analyzed the top 10 brands of derma rollers and came down to just one, the Derma Roller System. The Derma Roller System stood out from the rest because it fulfilled all three categories well and was one of the only derma rollers to show visible results within the first 4 weeks of use. The price of the Derma Roller System was also very reasonable at $50, which includes free worldwide shipping. The company is located in Canada and the Derma Roller System complies to the laws and regulations set forth by Health Canada.

For more information about the Derma Roller System, please visit http://www.dermarollersystem.com/

To view a demonstration of the Derma Roller System on the Jeremy Kyle show, please watch the video below.


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