Derma Roller – The Stretch Mark Cure

Stretch marks, technically called as striae, appear when the skin is being rapidly pulled. This can be caused by several factors like pregnancy or when you suddenly gain weight so quickly. It is basically the skin’s reaction to the sudden stress. This is usually a problem for woman and man like.

The derma roller aims to target the skin’s imperfection including stretch marks. It is effective and relatively cheaper than other aesthetic procedures.

Derma rollers and Creams

Take a closer look at your skin. Although it is fairly elastic, rapid changes in the body disrupts the normal production of collagen in the skin. Now, collagen is a very important protein in the body as it holds the connective tissues together. A derma roller then uses this logic to remove stretch marks.

Nowadays, the most common way to reduce stretch marks is through the use of topical creams. However, it is quite evident that these products would take so much time before the results can be seen.

The micro needles found on a derma roller produces hundreds of microscopic puncture wounds on the skin. The goal of the derma roller is to ensure that the collagen production in the area is enhanced. To add things up, a derma roller is made to take advantage of the body’s natural healing capabilities to fix its flaws.

Why Not Combine the Two?

Before you get yourself confused on how this works, it is better to understand that derma roller has different types. The one with the longer set of micro needles are used sparingly as it allows the body to deal heal through its own pace. This type of derma roller is used on dermatology clinics.

The second type of derma roller is those that can be used daily at the comfort of your own home. The needles on these types are significantly smaller than the first one discussed. The objective is to create tiny channels on the skin so that it could easily absorb nutrients from the outside.

With this in mind, you can now use both your favorite stretch mark cream and the handheld derma roller as a part of your nightly beauty routine. First apply the cream on the affected area then use the roller so that the skin could easily pick up the nutrients. You will be amazed on how effective this combination is. So what are you waiting for? Try this now and get that glow back in you by buying a derma roller.


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Rejuvenate Skin with the Dermaroller

You might be one of those people who have lost their confidence due to big scar marks. Even wearing a swimsuit has become a major trouble as those stretch marks are way too noticeable. A new solution has emerged, which is called dermaroller therapy, tried and proven tested to fight off those skin flaws you have been always hiding.

An Introduction to Dermaroller Therapy

The idea behind every micro needle session is to allow the body to fix its flaws by utilizing the body’s natural healing ability. A dermaroller has around two hundred micro needles creating microscopic puncture wounds on the skin. Once the wounds are made, the body then starts increasing the production of collagen.

Some may find the idea masochistic or even barbaric but considering other beauty procedures, a micro needle roller session is less painful. Users of the product only notice tingling sensations especially around the forehead but nothing too severe or throbbing.

The Core Area

Fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks are just a few things that a dermaroller targets. Top Hollywood celebrities like the powerhouse Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have admitted to undergo micro needle sessions. Now who would say that they are already in their 40s and 50s? The effects are just simply too marvelous to pass.

There are thousands upon thousands of reviews and customer feedbacks available on the web about the effects of the dermaroller. There are also tons of online tutorial videos available on the web so you can do the session yourself every night before you go to bed. These reviews would all point out to the good benefits it brings about. Your skin looks younger, there is a noticeable decrease in pore size and the skin just glows naturally. The texture of the skin is nothing short of smooth and supple.

Buying a dermaroller set is definitely much more affordable than other cosmetic procedures. Even some creams and serums are a lot of more expensive that the whole set. It has been made available to use for all skin types.

Just a thing to remember before ordering your own set, make sure that the item is approved by FDA. The needles should have gone through a process called gamma sterilization to ensure safety. Always make sure to buy only from legitimate sites.

No need to hide those battle scars and get your money’s worth. You deserve to feel good about yourself and start it with a powerful dermaroller now and see the effect for yourself.


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